Tocoyal - Mayan Hair Wrap


In Guatemala, the traditional indigenous dress includes an intricate hair wrap. Hair worn in this style is called a TOCOYAL. Tocoyales vary by region and the hair accessories can range from small, headband-like ribbons to large fabric headdresses.

This particular beauty was purchased directly from the village of San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala. This Tocoyal is a long, thin woven cinta, or ribbon. Very elaborate and colorful. The ladies in this village weave these gorgeous hair wraps by hand using a traditional pedal loom and then they adds embellishment like sparkly garland tassels or hand-beaded details.

Whether you want to style your hair in the traditional indigenous Maya way or you want to use it as a belt wrapped around a dress, or use it to tie a curtain in your home; there are endless options to use this stunning peace of art.

Approximate Measurements: 

  • 12" inches wide and 120" inches long
  • This particular head wrap can also be used as a table runner or bedroom decorations