Who do we contact with any questions on products?

  • Please send us an email at info@VidaMaya.com and we will provide a response as soon as possible.

Which parts of the handbags are actually handmade?

  • The whole thing! All our leather bags are made from up-cycled Mayan blouses called "huipiles" that take 4-10 months to make. Huipiles have been personally purchased and selected by Vida Maya and we ensure the weaver gets paid what she asks for. Approximately 40% of the total cost of the bag goes directly to the weaver. The rest is used for the leather production, DHL shipping, website and product servicing fees.
  •  The genuine leather is hand treated and cut. No machines are used other than a sewing machine.

What's the fabric on your products?

  • Our bags are made from both vintage upcycled Mayan blouses and fabrics. If you find any loose threads in your huipil we have a couple of options for some in-home repairs: you can take a pair of stitch scissors and trim the threads at their base, or you could take a dot of clear fabric glue and dab the threads down so they don't get caught on anything. Taking these measures will prevent any more snagging or loose threads from fraying but just be sure to be careful while treating the threads! Vida Maya is not responsible for damages that may occur during care for merchandise; including but not limited to washing, drying and/or dry cleaning.

What size are your pillow covers and where can I get pillow inserts?

  • You are able to find pillow inserts on various website, but to make this easier on you, here are some links to pillow insert sizes:
    • Lumbar pillow inserts  - our lumbar pillows measure 18x12, 20x12, and 24x12 
    • Square pillow inserts  - our pillows measure 18x18 and 22x22
    • Floor Pouf Pillows - you can you your creativity when stuffing these stunning floor pillows, but 4 standard pillows will work. You can also use linens, blankets and even stuff animals to stuff them. 

Why should I purchase from  your shop when I can get similar items cheaper at the markets in Guatemala?

  • While you can find similar textiles and sometimes-similar bags to Vida Maya, they are not the same. We take great care in our production process, which we control, to give you a quality product. That is why we can stand behind our product 100%. We don’t haggle for bottom prices with market vendors; who may use child labor, or unfair labor practices. Angelica the founder of Vida Maya has a personal relationship with each of our artisan families to ensure the families are doing well and that the children are in school. We also believe in paying fair prices and wages to those we work with and who work for Vida Maya. Paying fair wages is as important to us as every other part of our business. It is one of our company’s core values to elevate the standard of living of all those who work with Vida Maya.