Newly Handwoven Blanket - Solola


This NEW hand-woven textile is traditionally called "Tzute", woven on a backstrap loom. A Tzute is used as a wrap things in to carry on your head, to wrap a baby in, or to use as decoration in a religious ceremony. It is 100% cotton from the town of Solola, Guatemala. It is joined in the center by a colorful "ranada".

It comes in a variety of dark forest greens with jaspe colors of black and gray. The black and gray sections include the traditional jaspe dying technique. This fabric is thicker, with an almost denim-like feel to it; and is ideal for upholstery, or to use as a throw, picnic blanket, tablecloth, and more.


  • 53” L x 52” W (inches)
  • 100% Handwoven 
  • High quality thread count
  • Cotton-wool blend
  • Machine washable on gentle, line dry recommended.