Shawls + Ponchos

Our handwoven shawls and scarves from San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala are naturally dyed using local plants and traditional Mayan recipes to tint the cotton prior to weaving. This knowledge has been preserved over time and has been passed down from generation to generation.


Pronounced HA-spay, jaspe is the Guatemalan form of Ikat, an ancient and admired art form found in a number of cultures. Think of it as tie-dye done to the yarn before it's woven, so the designs created by the tied areas show up in the finished cloth. This process is extremely complex and time-consuming. 

San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala  Botanical Dyes from San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala

 Over the centuries, our dying methods have been consistent. Our weavers embrace natural alternatives to otherwise toxic dyes. Thus, our products are dyed with natural elements from the earth giving them a rich and colorful palette derived from vegetables, plants, botanicals, and even insects. All of our dyes are plant-based and from Mother Earth. 


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34 products