Vintage Huipil Top - Nebaj


This stunning pre-loved top has been made entirely by hand. It features three panels joint together. A stunning vintage panel in a white background in the center with traditional hand-woven soft cotton purple material on the sides. This top features a stunning geometric embroidery around the collar, traditionally known from the Mayan village of Nebaj, Quiche, Guatemala.

Our vintage Huipil Tops from Nebaj are a popular choice with hand-crafted designs reminiscent of ancient hieroglyphs and Mayan symbols. Look closely, and you'll notice the double-headed bird. This bird holds profound spiritual significance in Mayan culture, representing the balance and interconnectedness of the universe and serving as a reminder of the eternal cycle of life. The Mayan birds are called Tz'ikin. They are associated with freedom, creativity, and spiritual guidance. It is often associated with artists, musicians, and visionaries.

Wear it with denim or linen pants for a casual picnic day in the sun, or spice it up with a skirt and boots for a fun night out on the town! Either way you wear it, this top is a great piece to add to your ethical wardrobe!

**Please review measurements below to ensure proper fit. All sales are final.**
Measurements on flat surface: Sizes are a "fits like" guide and not a standard measurement.
  • This Huipil fits like a  SMALL.
  • Bust (armpit to armpit): 20” inches wide
  • Length: 19-20” inches long (please note that the front is one inch shorter than the back side)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Condition: Beautifully preserved vintage piece, with some loose threads at the hem, though this doesn't impact the structure. The embroidery is intact, covering almost all of the blouse - a true masterpiece! The bottom hem has been expertly altered to be straight, and the neckline was carefully tailored to provide an optimal fit. 
  • This Huipil was ethically sourced and the artisan was paid fair price.


  • This Huipil was 100% handmade from beginning to end; therefore naturally there will be some imperfections. You could see some loose threads, DO NOT pull just snip with scissors. Or you can use BLOUSE SNAG REPAIR NEEDLE to repair weaving stiches.
  • For a better care, we recommend hand wash
  • Dry flat