Lumbar Cushion Cover - Guatemalan Textile


This artisan pillow cover is made from vintage Guatemalan "Corte" or traditional Mayan skirt that feature a hand-embroidered "randa" or decorative seam.
Each piece is hand woven, one of a kind and displays the personality of the weaver. Designed to be mixed and matched with each other, these pillow covers will add just the right amount of eco- flair to any home.
This hand-woven Corte pillow case was made by artisans from Chichicastenango, in the highlands of Guatemala.
  • Front & Back: Black hand woven textile with colorful ikat pin stripe - Offset with colorful hand embroidered randa in the center
  • Back cover has a zipper enclosure for convenience.
  • Measurements: 20" x 12.5" inches 
  • Not printed. Front and Back textiles were hand-woven.
  • Please keep in mind that all fabrics are handwoven and due to the authenticity of textiles, small imperfections are what makes them beautiful and unique, not defective.