Zunil Tocoyal - Hair Wrap


In Guatemala, the traditional indigenous dress includes an intricate hair wrap. Hair worn in this style is called a Tocoyal or Cinta.

Like the majority of Mayan’s tradition clothing, Tocoyal or cintas are intricately woven from hand with colorful designs that often tell stories. In some regions the style indicates if a woman is married or single, or even if she has children. This amazing hair ribbon has carries much significance since it has a long and mythical history in the Mayan culture. The Tocoyal or Cinta represents the serpent (snake) worn by the Mayan goddess Ix Chel. Ix Chel is the Mayan people’s earth and moon goddess, as well as the goddess of weaving and pregnant women.

This stunning long narrow tapestry if filled with color and complex designs of Guatemalan indigenous weaving. Finely hand-woven, this hair ribbon features Mayan figures that represent the colorful daily life along with diamonds and zigzags representing the mountains and rivers of Guatemala running the full length of the hair ribbon.

Personally purchased in Chichicastenango, Guateamala. This stunning Tocoyal ribbon can be used as curtain ribbons or add as an embelishment to any of your sewing projects. The possibilities are endless.