Handwoven Scarf


By purchasing a Tesoros Maya scarf, you will be directly supporting the artistry and the work of two amazing ladies: Anita and Maria, two sisters and master weavers from San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. ⁠Your purchases will allow them the opportunity to preserve their cultural knowledge of natural dyes & ancient weaving techniques, and will provide them with additional income to support their children & community!

Anita and Maria use all natural dyes in the creation of all their beautiful products.

Guatemalan artisans use locally sourced plants and herbs to create dye baths that they apply to cotton or rayon threads. They use a banana tree trunk solution to fix the color and help stabilize the dye, ensuring the color will never run.

Time to create: 4-6 days

  • 100% cotton - Cotton
  • 10" W x 65" L
  • Care instructions: Cold hand wash recommended.